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This site is designed as a meeting point for gay,
transgender and bisexual inmates and those
who wish to have such a guy as a pen pal.
This site is nothing more or less than a pen pal
site. You will not find any porn pictures within
this site. If you are searching for such, please
go elsewhere.

Use of this site is free to web visitors.
If you choose to use this site, we strongly
encourage you to click on the "Read First"
button and savor its contents. After all, these
men have been adjudicated by the state as
criminals. Yes, there will be some bad apples
within the group! That is a given. And that is why
you are encouraged to read the entire contents
of that page
BEFORE writing an

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter
this site. Please leave now if you do not meet
that requirement.
Established on June 18 2004

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by The JavaScript Source

We Are Protecting You

Since December 2011 GPUSA has rejected before publication
requests by
213 inmates for applications whose available
information indicated their sexual orientation
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